Plant to Plate

120 Recipes

Whether you already follow a plant-based diet or just want to incorporate more meat-free meals into your week, it’s so easy to make vegan and plant-based foods in your Thermomix®.

Dairy free tzatziki

Fermented beetroot dip

Plant-based parmesan

Cashew cheddar cheese

Vegan butter

Vanilla frosting

Little lemon cheesecakes

Savoury cashew cream cheese

Stretchy melty cheese

Vegan mozzarella

Vanilla cashew yoghurt


Cashew pouring cream

Vegan mayonnaise

Rendang curry

Kimchi queso dip

Blue cheese tofu dressing

Basil, avocado and hemp pesto

Vegan gravy

Vegan custard

Oat milk

Vegan Turkish delight cheesecake

Creamy coconut yoghurt

Five seed energy bars

Vegan hollandaise

Curried chickpea and lentil sandwich filling

Jackfruit and mayo sandwich filling

Sunflower and nori filling

'Egg and sausage' breakfast sandwich

Bang bang broccoli

Vegan moussaka

Mint choc chip ice cream

Cauliflower buffalo bites

Sweet and sour tempeh

Hearty lentil chilli

Mushroom stock paste

Plant-based béchamel sauce

Beetroot ketchup

Mushroom pâté

Vegan Caesar dressing

Vegie crackers

Pumpkin pancakes

Hemp and matcha overnight oats

Frozen breakfast bowls

Parfait with passionfruit cream

Fruit and yoghurt pizza

Sunrise smoothie

Turmeric wellness shot

Super antioxidant juice

Coconut and maca hot chocolate

Rainbow cauliflower sushi

Pea and garden mint fritters

Tandoori portobellos with creamy coconut raita

Celeriac parmigiana

Pulled BBQ jackfruit

Cauliflower tacos with chipotle sauce

Eggplant and porcini bites with turmeric tahini dressing

Mixed mushroom burgers

Green goddess pizza

Hoisin tofu with brown rice

Potato and green pea curry

Raw pumpkin and zucchini curry

Raw zucchini bolognaise

Sweet potato lasagne

Butternut mac and cheese

Warm sweet potato and chickpea salad

Pasta Alfredo with mushrooms

Mediterranean capsicums

Kimchi stew

Freekeh and broad bean salad

Steamed beetroot with creamy walnut sauce

Soba noodle mee goreng

Asian cucumber salad

Sun-dried tomato tartare

Millet cashew stir-fry

Kale, sprouts and red cabbage salad

Citrus quinoa salad with miso ginger dressing

Roasted eggplant

Steamed Chinese greens

Carrot, capsicum and pistachio pilaf

Sweetcorn and potato chowder

Yasai miso ramen

Thai green broccoli and spinach soup

Blueberry crumble slice

Maca chocolate bark

Peanut butter and cookie ice cream

Raw pineapple and turmeric cake

Wholemeal spelt doughnuts with cacao glaze

Creamy tomato and basil soup

Thai tofu and sweet potato cakes

Chickpea shawarma salad bowl

No-bake coffee cake

Miso corn purée with almond ricotta

Kimchi non-fried rice

Vegan parmesan shards

Fig and walnut bread

Malt loaf

Tummy tonic shot

Energy shot

English muffins

Raw apple pie

Vegan carrot cake with orange frosting

Refried beans

Layered Mexican dip

Hemp milk

Chinese-style drinking porridge

Lupini cheese

Burmese chickpea tofu with spicy dipping sauce

Eggplant and tomato breakfast hash with crispy tempeh

Savoury potato and onion bake

Lemon coconut bliss balls

Vegan Christmas cake

Leek quiche

Sage and buckwheat stuffing balls

Steamed ginger pudding

Polenta zucchini slice

Globe artichokes with lemon garlic butter

Chocolate cream cookies

Matcha and raspberry swirled custard tarts

Jam-filled sweet potato doughnuts