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Mini Monsters

Get creative making these Mini Monster cupcakes with your kids this Halloween. There is no end to where their imaginations can take them.

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    Get busy making your favourite noodle dishes in the Thermomix®. From broths, soups, stir-fries, healthy zoodles, salads and sides, spring rolls, and of course our family “fakeaways”, there is something for every noodle lover.

  • Cooking from scratch

    With cooking from scratch the simplest it’s ever been, thousands of people around the world are getting healthy with Thermomix®.

  • The magic of multi-layer cooking

    With your Thermomix®, Varoma and simmering basket, the time and space saving possibilities are endless!

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  • Milling

    Your Thermomix makes it so simple to create flavourful sensations, with the click of a button, a twist of a dial and your creative magic. Spice up your mid-week with flavour-packed dishes made from freshly roasted and milled spices.

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  • Charmed by chocolate

    Get inspired by new and exciting ways to use chocolate! Made easy with Thermomix®, discover a world of flavoursome treats to sweeten up your week.

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Homemade Halloween treats!

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