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Prawn tacos with avocado lime sauce

Low carb deliciousness with every bite. Swap the cheesy taco shells for the Dairy and grain free wraps or use an iceberg lettuce leaf. You can also make your own mayonnaise and taco seasoning in your Thermomix®.

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See the Thermomix® in action from the comfort of your own home

Our Virtual Cooking Experiences recreate our signature in-home experiences in a shorter format online. Once you've selected your menu with your Thermomix® Consultant, they'll send you a video link to you and your guests to tune into your scheduled Virtual Cooking Experience to learn what you can create with Thermomix®.
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  • Your Low Carb Book is here

    Get inspired to fill your tables with low carb dishes and your bellies with easy, flavour loaded meals.

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  • Video has come to your TM6

    With video streaming on your TM6, we’re adding step videos to some guided cooking recipes and editorial videos to help add inspiration to your kitchen. Video streaming is now on your TM6!

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  • Lighten the load

    Spring has sprung, so let’s freshen up by eating in season and packing a nutrient punch to our favourite dishes. Who says wholesome can’t be delicious too?

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  • Pastries with Camila Seidel

    Learn the basics of making your own crust. Or expand your knowledge and up your pastry game. Our chef will walk you through all the steps, from mixing simple shortcrust pastry to more advanced techniques.

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  • Join the party!

    Here at Thermomix® in Australia and New Zealand, we’re celebrating the TM6’s first birthday this month. Here is all you need to join the party this month – whatever it is you’re celebrating.

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  • Cook smarter, not harder

    You and your Thermomix® are the perfect combination to save time, money and waste in the kitchen. The more you use your Thermomix®, the more you’ll save.

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  • Eating in is the new eating out

    After almost two months of eating in, there’s more reason than ever to mix it up in the kitchen and try out dishes you never thought you’d be making. Because, with Thermomix®, you can.

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