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Ukranian Borscht

Try something new with hearty soup. Often, beetroots in season can be purchased with their leaves still attached, and this recipe uses whole beetroots, leaves and all, so you get all the nutrients and waste less.

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See the Thermomix® in action from the comfort of your own home

Our Virtual Cooking Experiences recreate our signature in-home experiences in a shorter format online. Once you've selected your menu with your Thermomix® Consultant, they'll send you a video link to you and your guests to tune into your scheduled Virtual Cooking Experience to learn what you can create with Thermomix®.
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  • Cook smarter, not harder

    You and your Thermomix® are the perfect combination to save time, money and waste in the kitchen. The more you use your Thermomix®, the more you’ll save.

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  • Eating in is the new eating out

    After almost two months of eating in, there’s more reason than ever to mix it up in the kitchen and try out dishes you never thought you’d be making. Because, with Thermomix®, you can.

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  • Your kitchen is your superpower

    If you’re looking for ideas of what to do whilst at home, how to involve the whole family and create inexpensive, healthy home-made food while you do it – then your kitchen and your Thermomix® are your super-power.

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  • Cooking from your pantry

    Struggling to find pantry staples or at a loss of what to cook next? Check out our page on Cooking from your pantry for tips and recipes to help you side-step the scarcity.

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  • Immunity boosting

    Your kitchen, pantry, garden and fridge are often an untapped superpower when it comes to boosting your immunity naturally. Here are some great recipes using immunity-boosting ingredients to help bolster your health and wellbeing.

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  • What about low carb?

    There is so much talk about low carb but what does it actually mean and how to do it?

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