The Basic Cookbook

120 Recipes

With The Basic Cookbook (TM6 edition), you’ll feel inspired to unleash the possibilities of your kitchen and cook incredible meals for your family every day.

Mexican stack

Basic muffin mix

Nasi goreng

Vanilla paste

Pot-set plain yoghurt

Caramelised red onion chutney

Blended mixed vegetable soup

Chunky mixed vegetable soup

Tex-Mex tortillas with shredded pork and black beans

Beef Stroganoff

Chinese pork with vegetables

Beef and beer pie

Salted caramel ice cream


Caramel sauce

Peanut brittle

Caramel toffees


Whipped cream

Shortcrust pastry

Sweet shortcrust pastry

Quick puff pastry

Choux pastry

American-style pancakes

Pizza dough

Fresh pasta dough

Boiled eggs

Boiled rice

Chicken stock paste

Chocolate ganache


Lasagne bolognese

Meatballs with tomato sauce

Fish and mixed vegetable parcels

Cauliflower gratin

Pizza Margherita

Mashed potatoes




Mustard balsamic vinegar dressing

Tomato pasta sauce

Basil pesto

Chocolate sauce

Strawberry jam

Chocolate mousse

Quick fruit sorbet

Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate fondant cake

Apple cake


Hot chocolate

Baking powder


Thai red curry paste

Vegetable stock paste


Poached eggs

Spiced Moroccan lentil soup

Pumpkin soup

Creamy tomato and salami fettuccine


Mushroom risotto

Aussie meat pies

Beef rendang

Butter chicken

Chicken cacciatore

Thai red chicken curry

Thai chilli chicken and basil

Chicken velouté meal

Mongolian lamb hot pot

Shepherd's pie

Chilli mussels with thyme and tomatoes

Thai-style fish cakes

Vegetarian sausage rolls

Beetroot salad


Chinese-style stir-fried vegetables

Broccoli salad

Basic bread

Chia and pepita gluten free loaf

Five seed bread

Buttermilk bread


Herb and garlic pull-apart bread

Hollandaise sauce

Béarnaise sauce

Herb and garlic dip


Bolognese sauce

Tomato ketchup

Hazelnut chocolate spread

Lemon or lime butter

Peanut butter


Lemon meringue pie


Fruity dream (soft serve ice cream)

ANZAC biscuits

Banana bread

Caribbean carrot cake

Home-style sponge cake

Hot cross buns


Sticky date pudding

Torta caprese (Flourless almond cake)

Green smoothie

Orange juice

Salmon with ginger sauce and spiced cashews

Pad Thai noodles with prawns

Chicken and cashews

Mojito-style cocktail

Citrus margarita

Decadent dark chocolate brownies

Baked cheesecake

Moroccan chicken and couscous salad with sweet potato soup

Garlic prawns

Feta, spinach and potato frittata

Brown rice salad