Everyday Nourishing Meals

Eating wholesome foods packed with nutrients are one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. With recipes designed to nourish you from morning until night, with your Thermomix it’s never been easier to create delicious, nutritious meals to boost your wellbeing.

Sip on smoothies and juices to help get in 5 and 2 each day.

Whether you need a quick breakfast on the way to work or school, a post-work out recovery drink or are looking for ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, packing a smoothie full of nutritious ingredients is a great way to boost your health and wellbeing. Read more here…

Salads - fresh, light and delicious

Healthy treats (it can't all be salads!)

Get your five a day the easy way

Most of us don't eat enough vegetables each day - five serves of veg is the recommended average, but most of us fall short. So whip up a side dish, add more veg to your sandwich or even sneak them into mains for those who are green-food adverse. We've got tons of recipes to make it easy to get your veggie fill.

Knowledge is power

To support you in making healthier life choices, Cookidoo® recipes come with basic nutritional information about energy and macro-nutrients in each portion. Choose recipes according to the nutritional benefits they offer. Or adjust your portion size accordingly. But keep in mind that keeping track of nutritional data is only part of the story. Our recipes allow you to have real food, made by you, from natural, wholesome ingredients. Just by cooking more of your own food, you’ll be on your way to meeting your health goals.

Meat-free meals

Gluten free goodness

It feels good to get moving

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Eating well is just half the job so make sure you’re finding ways to get active every day. Whether it’s riding to school with the kids or taking the dog for an early morning walk, there’s plenty of ways to get moving.

Finding a balance

Creating (and sticking to) a well-balanced diet might seem like a challenge. But using the meal planner on Cookidoo® will help you get organised, plan your meals and shopping lists - all of which will help you create nutritious meals that you'll love eating.

Under the sea

Beef, lamb, chicken and pork

A bit on the side

More delicious recipes to help you kick-start your health