The perfect all-rounder

Smoothies are one of the easiest, healthiest and most economical ways to boost your health. Not only are they nutrient-dense and easily digestible, they’re portable, adaptable and super quick to prepare.

Whether you want to add more fruit and veg to your daily diet, lose weight, increase your protein intake or simply ensure you and your family have a healthy start to the day, smoothies can tick all of those boxes (and more!).

And did you know that they’re also a great way to reduce food waste? Save the planet and your budget by making the most of the “extras” in your fridge and pantry; use up overripe fruit, add the leftover coconut milk from last night’s curry, throw in a handful of oats and include that last spoonful of nut butter at the bottom of the jar.

Goodness in a glass

There’s no wrong way to make a smoothie – just need to keep it simple. Start with a liquid base made using water, coconut water, nut milk, dairy milk or fruit juice (or a combination of different liquids). Add your fruit or veg of choice (think kale, spinach, beetroot, avocado, banana, berries or melon), but be sure to keep it balanced – too much fruit can push the sugar content higher than your body needs.

Then add in a few extras for some bonus health benefits: hemp, chia or flax seeds; fresh or ground turmeric or ginger; cinnamon; maca powder; oats; yogurt or kefir; honey; nuts or seeds. Finally, throw in some ice to cool it down and add volume.

Then blitz it all together and grab a glass!

Need some inspo?

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you on Cookidoo®. Simply type “smoothie” into the search bar to search the variety of healthy drink recipes we’ve created for you. From a Rosy glow smoothie to a classic Green smoothie (and even a couple of smoothie bowls if you’re feeling adventurous), we’ve got the inspiration you need. You can also add them to your Weekly Planner, so you can be sure you have all the ingredients you need ready and waiting in your kitchen.

Five steps to the perfect smoothie

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