Thermomix® Cutter

The Thermomix® Cutter gives you the four most common cutting functions in one disc. Perfectly slice and grate cucumber, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, to prepare stunning salads, oven-baked dishes, and so much more!

Effortless cutting, exceptional results

Broaden your chopping, shredding and grinding possibilities with the Thermomix® Cutter. Compatible with Thermomix® TM6 and TM5, this accessory will save you time while expanding your creativity and expertly elevating the textures and presentation of your recipes! To discover this must-have product, watch the video to learn more.

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Stunning salads

How does it work?

1 disc, 4 cuts! With the Thermomix® Cutter, you can slice and grate two different thicknesses, allowing you to prepare carpaccio-style vegetables or thicker sticks of cucumber or carrots as needed: thin slice (1-2 mm), thick slice (4-5 mm), thin grate (2 mm), or thick grate (4 mm). To get the most out of this accessory, use the Slicing and Grating modes, exclusive to Thermomix® TM6!

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Level up your savoury bakes with precision cuts

More great ways to use the Cutter

Salads | Whether it’s lettuce, cucumber, peppers, or tomatoes, your salads will always look amazing.
Soups | Slice cabbage, kale, or green beans to add a crunchy bite to your soups.
Snacks | Carrot sticks with hummus make an easy grab and go for office or school snacking.
Carpaccio | Prepare showstopping carpaccio with paper thin slices of beetroot, radish, or cucumber. Sprinkle a dash of pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, or shredded cheese to wow your friends and family!
Oven chips | Thin and crispy russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, or even turnips will make your homemade chips colourful and delicious!
Fruit platter | A platter is a great way to serve fruit with appetizing slices of fresh avocado, strawberries, citrus, or kiwi!
Pies and cakes | Perfectly sliced apples, peaches, pears, bananas, or plums atop your pie or cake will yield you 5 stars for presentation!

Sides & snacks

One accessory, endless possibilities!

Save even more time • WOW your guests • Less effort with 2 new modes • Encourage healthy and nutritious habits

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Make fruit fancy

Say goodbye to slicing vegetables by hand!

Thermomix® Cutter allows you to effortlessly cut fruit and vegetables with four unique cuts. Less effort, less time, more show-stopping food!

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