Everyday Cooking in July

Winter is here, so it's time to get rugged up and snuggled down with some hearty home cooked meals. Enjoy our simple and satisfying recipes to keep you warm this July.

Everyday recipes for July


Anything can go into soups, stews and curries, so they're the perfect meals to make when you have vegetables in the fridge that need using up! Hearty and nutritious, they're also ideal winter warmers for getting you through a cold, wet July.


Hearty family meals

Cauliflower and Pumpkin

July ingredients of the month

Cauliflower and pumpkin are versatile vegies that can be the star of a dish or served as a delicious side. If you have leftovers, add them to meals for extra texture and a nutrient boost. Try cauliflower as a substitute for rice or mash or even turn it into an allergy-friendly pizza base. Use pumpkin in a traditional soup, a vegetable lasagna or bake it into breads, fritters or even doughnuts!

Cooking with Cauliflower and Pumpkin

Perfect Puddings for Cold Nights

Tip of the Month

Shredding Cooked Chicken

Place boneless, cooked chicken meat (without any sauce) into the mixing bowl and shred *4-5 sec/speed 4*. Good for tacos, quiches, pies or croquettes. A great way to use up leftover chicken!

Quick Winter Meals