Your very best travel companion

Recipes to whip up with your Thermomix® for your camping, caravanning or out yonder holidays.

Your Thermomix® is saving you time and money in the kitchen at home, so why not let it do the same for your camping and caravanning holidays too? Explore this page for recipe ideas of what to prep ahead of time and what to whip up while you’re away.

Bring comfort foods with you, ready to reheat

Warming and sweet

Freshly cooked custard is an oldy but a goodie, especially if you’re camping with kids. Whip up this warming treat after dark either with the traditional vanilla and lemon or make the chocolate variation. Pack “sprinkles” if you’d like to as well, such as mini marshmallows, mini biscuits or anything else which takes your fancy.

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Pack these meals and sides ready to eat

Travelling with your Thermomix®

For those who don’t already know, travelling with your Thermomix® is an essential part of your adventure kit and here’s why.

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Lunches and dinners to easily whip up from scratch while away

Who says you can’t get your fill of veggies while travelling?

Get that hit of veggies with this colourful and delicious meal. Cook the pumpkin, asparagus and tomatoes on the barbecue in lieu of the oven. You will honestly want a second helping.

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Home sweet home… Make these ahead of time to take with you