Cooking from your pantry

A lot of us are struggling to find basic pantry staples at the moment, so why make some staples at home? Here are our top tips for side-stepping the scarcity, be it making pantry staples from scratch, replacing them with another delicious option, or how to use up what you’ve already got.

Rice, rice and more rice

If you’ve got more rice than you know what to do with, start thinking outside the box in terms of milling some rice into rice flour for use in different recipes and also varying the cuisines and flavours you’re using your rice with. Here are a few recipes to help you mix it up:

Delicious ways with rice

Cauliflower rice pilaf

If, on the other hand, you have no rice and need something to soak up your curry sauce, try making Cauliflower rice in your Thermomix®. It’s so easy! Follow the steps for making Cauliflower rice in this recipe (Step 3), then simply steam in the Simmering basket with 500g water in the bowl, 12 min/Varoma/speed 1 for perfect Cauliflower rice. Or make this beautiful Cauliflower pilaf for something a little more fancy.

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Your Thermomix® is your superpower when it comes to sauces. Whether it’s a curry, pasta or a warm and hearty soup or stew, you have the choice to easily make it from scratch.

Crowd-pleasers you can't go passed

Kids in the kitchen

With the kids at home, we’re all looking for fun, educational activities to break up the day. Cooking is it! Think about it… You can get your meal/snack prep done while also ticking off boxes like ‘reading’, ‘maths’, ‘sensory play’ and even ‘fine motor skills’ while you do it. Winning!

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Making at home and from scratch is a sure-fire way to help keep your family safe through these uncertain times. It’s also a great way to help your family make those all-important savings. Here are our alternatives to some shop-bought packaged snacks.

Save on packaging and on spending.


It’s one of the first recipes you see when learning about Thermomix® but Butter, and other “basic” recipes aren’t always what we make on a regular basis. Search Cookidoo® for all your staples, from flour, to milks, to yoghurt, bread… Whatever it is, we’re more than likely to have a recipe to help you make it from scratch.

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Bulk out your meals with lentils

So many ways with beans

There are so many benefits to being the world’s largest online guided cooking platform and this is just one of them! If you’ve stocked up on beans and have run out of ideas of what to do with them, we’ve got tips, desserts, stews, soups, salads galore, ready and waiting. Just click ‘Browse’ below.