Setting up a less waste kitchen

From making more from scratch to choosing sustainable ingredients and making the most of leftovers, there are so many easy steps we can all take to setting up a less waste kitchen.

Homemade crackers

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Choose sustainably

Read our interview with chef, Joel Bennetts, on how simplicity is key to creating a less waste kitchen and his top tips on choosing sustainable fish and seafood .


Jam-packed with goodness

Make magic with leftovers

• Revamp your idea of “leftovers”. Use leftover ingredients to create a new recipe you look forward to eating. Think about adding leftover cooked veggies or meats to a risotto (use or classic risotto recipe as a base) or create beautiful winter salads.
• A smoothie is a great way to use up excess fruit and veg. Remember, you can add in nuts and seeds too. Thermomix® will make a super-smooth smoothie for you!
• Use extra rice or pasta to whip up a quick salad the next day.
• Glass storage containers will help you keep track of what's in your fridge! If you can see what's inside you're more likely to use it.
• Freeze veggie scraps and limp produce so that you can make homemade veggie stock.

Lovely leftovers

Want more ideas?

Check out our homemade pantry thematic page for even more inspiration!

Cooking from Scratch