Soups for every occasion

If you’d rather be rugged up on the couch than in the kitchen tonight, let soup be your saviour. It’s the perfect dinner that’s big on flavour and low on fuss.

There's a soup for every soul

Souperb soups

For lunch or for dinner, there's nothing more nourishing than a hearty, healthy bowl of soup. They’re quick, tasty and packed full of wholesome ingredients with endless flavour combos. Whether you and your family prefer hearty comfort soups like a minestrone, noodles drenched in a flavour-packed broth, or you lean more towards a silky smooth and creamy cauliflower, there's a soup to satisy everyone's tastes.

Silky-smooth soups with a big dose of flavour

Hearty soups that will satisfy your hunger


Cooking for a crowd? Our ThermoServers are a great way to keep your soups hot, while you finish cooking your other dishes. Contact your Consultant or visit our website to find out how you can earn a ThermoServer pack when you host a TM6 Cooking Experience.

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Tips for making pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is always a winner, so follow our tips to confidently create delicious pumpkin soup in your Thermomix.

1) Cut your pumpkin into small, even pieces and take the skin off harder skinned pumpkin varieties.
2) Chop and mince vegetables for a few seconds on speed 4 or 5, so they cook faster and puree more easily.
3) Stick to the maximum level of the bowl, don't be tempted to add 'just one more carrot'.

4) Root vegetables need to be cooked for a minimum of twenty minutes, ensure vegetables are fully cooked before you begin blending.
5) When blending hot food, build to the speed gradually and then gradually back down. Wait 3-5 seconds before opening the lid.

If you’re new to making soups in Thermomix®, learn the basics with these two classics:

Upgrade your soups

Adding crunchy soup toppers is also a great way to turn a humble bowl of soup into a satisfying main meal and take it to the next level of deliciousness.To add flavour to your soup, swirl cream, drizzle extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle fresh chopped herbs, dollop a spoonful of pesto or grate some Parmesan. For extra crunch, oven-toasted croutons are easy to make from bread rubbed with garlic, dried herbs and olive oil. Finally, you might like to mop up every last drop of soup with our soup dippers below.

Soup dippers

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