Slow Cooking mode

Discover delicious recipes that are slowly and gently cooked to perfection. From melt in your mouth meat, to juicy and tender fruits and vegetables – all perfectly cooked with TM6 Slow Cooking mode .

With patience and love, ingredients become much more than just food, they become a perfectly cooked masterpiece full of flavour. Don't forget to pair our must-have accessory, the Blade Cover, with the TM6 Slow Cooking mode  to make the most of the precise temperatures of Thermomix®! Slow Cooking mode  allows you to obtain the unique texture and flavour of slow cooking without having to think about time, the right temperature, or stirring. Next thing you know… it’s ready!

Melt in your mouth meat dishes

4 Reasons to start slow cooking

1 - Prepare dishes with an incomparable tenderness and succulent texture.

2 - Take simple cuts of meat like pork shoulder or beef brisket to the next level. You'll be amazed by the perfectly tender results.

3 - Innovation meets tradition. Grandma's cooking made easy with Thermomix®.

4 - Cooking below 100 °C helps to preserve nutrients.

Just like grandma's

Low, slow, and delicious

Slow cooking is all about cooking slowly and delicately without reaching the boiling point, allowing the seasoning, flavour and aroma to intensify. The TM6 Slow Cooking mode  cooks melt-in-your-mouth meals for up to 8 hours, while you sit back and relax.

Impress guests with slow cooked fruits, veggies, and pulses

Quick tips for Slow Cooking mode

Meat- Bring depth of flavour to your dish and use High Temperature recipes to brown your meat before you start slow cooking.

Vegetables- Add a stock cube or homemade stock paste to the cooking water for a richer flavour.

Fruit- Slow cooked fruit are delicious served with ice cream. Enjoy the unique contrast between hot and cold!

Quick cooking ingredients- Add ingredients like pasta, peas and spinach towards the end of the recipe to avoid overcooking!

Slow cooked to perfection

The perfect accessory

The blade cover works beautifully with slow cook and sous vide recipes in TM5 and TM6. It rests on top of the blades and protects softer ingredients, or sous vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades.

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