Hitting the road with Thermomix®

Your weekends away should be about rest and relaxation, so look to your Thermomix® to provide delicious meals in advance.

Pack your road trip snacks

A dressing or a marinade?

Why not both? Get the most out of this versatile recipe which gives you more time for R&R. So get marinating then bottle enough to drizzle over your accompanying salad. What a fab travel win by Thermomix®.

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Ok, let's tuck into some grub

Travelling with your Thermomix®

For those who don’t already know, travelling with your Thermomix® is an essential part of your adventure kit and here’s why.

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Home sweet home… Make these ahead of time to take with you

Enjoy some soupy goodness

Nothing is more comforting than a bowl of creamy soup while temperatures start cooling down. Soups are especially perfect on the dinners that creep up on you while travelling. The chicken steamed in the Varoma with your choice or spices makes it adaptable for any occasion. Cooking the cauliflower in the Thermomix® creates the creamiest, silkiest soup, all with minimal effort.

Get souping