Eat green and thrive

Whatever your motivation, eating more plant-based whole foods is such a simple and delicious way to bolster your overall health and wellbeing and your Thermomix® makes it just so easy.

Welcome to our page on eating green and how eating more plant-based foods can make such a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

We've included some of our fave meat-free and vegan meals here, as well as tips on how to include more fresh vegetables and whole foods in your diet with delicious side dishes. Also, take a look at our 'Eat green' article below on the growing trend in plant-based and plant-focused diets, the difference between the most popular ones and how to introduce more plant-based options into your kitchen.

Meat-free Mondays - try these super-tasty vegetarian meals

Oat's so good!

Noticed oat milk and other non-dairy options popping up in cafes recently? Plant-based milks are soooo yum and, arguably, a more digestible choice for many. But they can be pricey and sometimes packed with sugar, fillers and other nasties. So, let's make them in our Thermomix® instead! Click the link below for our Oat milk recipe and search here on Cookidoo® for our soy, hemp, almond, coconut, cashew and rice milks recipes too.

Oat milk, please!

Add more nutrients to your meals with extra vegies on the side

A whole world of vegan yumminess for you to discover...

Have you browsed our Plant to Plate cookbook? It's packed full with over 100 plant-based recipes for you to try. Take a look now by clicking the link below.

Browse Plant to Plate

Help bolster your 'five and two' with vegie-laden snacks too

Vegies aren't only for savoury...

We LOVE sneaking a vegie or two into our sweets! Many vegetables, like sweet potato or beetroot are naturally sweet and lend themselves beautifully to desserts and sweet treats. While vegetables such as zucchini and cauliflower 'hide' really well! You can hardly tell they're there. Try this Chocolate sweet potato slice for an extra vegie hit. It all counts towards your daily 'five and two'!

Take me to the recipe!

Some 5-star vegan favourites to get your tastebuds going!

Where to start?

Check out our 'Eat Green' article for tips on where to start incorporating more plants into your diet and the difference between the top trending 'plant-focused' and 'plant-based' ways of eating.

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