Christmas. You've got this.

With the help of your trusty Thermomix® by your side, you'll breeze through Christmas food preparation like a superstar with these savvy Christmas savings tips.

Gourmet gifts everyone will love

Savvy Christmas: Spendy vs. Savey

We all like a bit of lux at Christmas, but that doesn't mean it has to cost a bomb or that you spend all your time in the kitchen.

We love the idea of 'spendy/savey' - both for time and budget. Choose one big 'wow' dish that you'll spend more time and money on, then fill your festive spread with quick and easy 'table-fillers' everyone will love, to give that feeling of generous abundance.

Our Bamboo Grazing Box from TheMix Shop is a great accessory for all your grazing needs and for 'bring-a-plate' events, packed full with your favourite Thermomix® goodies.

Find our tips and recipes from the Thermomix® Recipe Kitchen below.

A little lux goes a long way - recipes to feed a crowd

Something a bit spesh

There is something sensational about freshly baked bread - and if it's brioche, then it gets even better. The smoked salmon and creme fraiche make it a bit fancy, but it's another great crowd-pleaser. So, think of it as a centrepiece for a brunch or breakfast (and savour any leftovers, toasted with poached eggs, the next day!). Find the recipe in the link below.

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A sweet treat to round it out - choose between these 'spendy/savey' winners, depending on what else is on your Chrissy spread

The star of the show

Whether you're a traditionalist or someone who likes to have something a little different each year, we have festive sweet treats perfect for every table, timeframe and budget. Check out our Sweet Christmas collection for a whole heap of festive desserts and sweet treats.

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A fancy drink always screams 'PARTY!' - whether it's a cocktail or a mocktail

Let Thermomix® simplify Christmas

With Thermomix®, Cookidoo® and a little forward planning, your house can rival the best restaurant in town, without stacking up the grocery bills or your time in the kitchen. Eat, drink, celebrate, relax and be merry. Christmas. You've got this. Ready to get going? Browse our cookbook 'Festive Flavour' for more festive recipe inspo.