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Whether you’re cooking for yourself, a family of four, or to feed a crowd, our Tested serving size recipes from our 'Scaled Recipes' feature, have got you covered! Tested serving sizes recipes have been expertly tested by our Recipe Teams around the world, giving you the Thermomix® success guarantee. So, whatever the occasion, there's no need for you to do the maths or get the notebook out, just toggle between serving sizes and pick the one that 's right for you.

Check out our Tested serving size recipe suggestions below and jump right to the perfect serving size! Simply click on the "Serving size" button on the recipe detail page to see more serving size options.

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Not the right serving size for you?

We've got you covered! Automatically adapted servings sizes allow you to customize the number of servings of your recipes of choice and save them in Created Recipes.

Please note: Automatically adapted serving size recipes haven't been tested by our Recipe Team, so we can't give them the Thermomix® success guarantee. If you use the automatic adaption process to adjust the number of servings, carefully review the recipe before you start cooking and optimise the recipe as you go along.

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