Scaled Recipes: Tips for success

Whatever the occasion, we've got to covered with Scaled Recipes. Whether cooking for one or two, for all the family or to feed a crowd, our exciting new Scaled Recipes feature lets you tailor the size of your meals to your needs. Your table, your way.

With the ability to select expertly tested serving sizes or even customize and adapt serving sizes to match your needs, you can open a whole new window of possibilities, and servings!

Read on to learn more about the two types of Scaled Recipes now available on Cookidoo®, so you can cook to your needs - saving on time, money and waste!

Tried, tested and ready for you: Tested Serving Sizes?

Our most cooked and best rated recipes on Cookidoo® now come with multiple serving size options, with our Thermomix® success guarantee! These serving size options have all been expertly tested by our Thermomix® Recipe Developers and… they’re still going! We’re regularly added new scaled recipes to Cookidoo®, so you’ll never be short of options.

Getting started

On the recipe page, simply click on the “Serving size” button to check whether we have tested other serving sizes for your selected recipe. If you find a serving size you want to try, click on your desired serving size, and start cooking as you usually would. It's that easy!

You can access tested serving sizes from the recipe detail page on the Cookidoo® app, website and on your Thermomix® TM6.

Try tested recipes

Your recipes, your way: Automatically Adapted Serving Sizes

If you can’t find the tested serving size you’re looking for, no need to worry! Our new Automatically Adapted Serving Sizes feature allows you to adjust the serving sizes of recipes using our scaling technology, saving them in Created recipes.

Getting started

Simply select your recipe of choice and open the recipe detail page on the Cookidoo® app or website. Click on the “Serving size” button and then select "Make it your own” to adapt this recipe and save it in Created Recipes.

Please note: This feature is only available via the Recipe Detail page not from within Created Recipes. It’s also important to note that, like all Created Recipes, Automatically Adapted Serving Sizes haven't been tested by our Recipe Team, so we can't guarantee the success of them. Be mindful to check over your recipes and ensure safe and proper use. Find some tips below.

Automatically adapted serving sizes: Important notes and tips

• Just like all Created Recipes, we can’t provide the Thermomix® success guarantee on Automatically Adapted Serving Sizes recipes.
• Be mindful not to exceed the maximum capacity of the mixing bowl (max. 2.2 litres), the Varoma or other accessories. Be extra cautious when you are using high temperatures and/or speeds.
• Always refer to your Thermomix® instruction manual for further safety information.
• Not all parts of the recipe will automatically adapt to the new serving size. For example, baking recipes where you prepare dough are generally set up for one baking tray/one form, so be sure to adapt the size of the tray/baking form accordingly.
• We recommend reviewing all the changes made to the recipe once it has gone through the automatically adapted serving size process. Carefully check each and every step, make manual changes as needed, and scale any parts of the recipe that were not automatically adapted.

Want to adjust more than the serving size?

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