What kind of cook are you?

Cooking. Love or hate it, you do it every day. Whether dinner for the family feels like a breeze or an uphill struggle against the clock, we all have our own way of conquering the kitchen. So, what kind of cook are you?

What type of user are you?

Midweek magic

If you’d rather be on the couch than in the kitchen all night, you can cook delicious food for you and the family (and maybe some unannounced friends) with your Thermomix – all in time for your Friday night flick.

Delicious meals in under 40 minutes

Back to basics

When everyone brings an allergy to the table you can start to feel the heat in the kitchen. Stock up your pantry with the basics and enjoy making easy wholesome, allergy-free, stress-free meals from scratch in your Thermomix.

Wholesome food from scratch

Super foodie

Just because you whipped up an amazing meal, doesn’t mean you want to spend all night in the kitchen. Create restaurant quality dishes with a little help from your TM6, with time to make yourself a cheeky cocktail (and drink it too).

Impress the in-laws

Cook smarter with the connected TM6

No matter what type of cook you are, your TM6 makes cooking faster, smarter, easier and more enjoyable. New pre-set modes for your favourite functions will help you spend less time in the kitchen. And additions such as sous vide or slow cooking will enhance your cooking with new skills, straight from the world’s top kitchens.

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