Ready to give your health a reboot?

We're thrilled to introduce you to the Fresh Start 28-Day Meal Plan, filled with nourishing, nutrient-dense meals for you and your family.

Healthy has never tasted this good

The Fresh Start 28-day Meal Plan is designed to help you and your family eat healthy and seriously tasty food every day, without even thinking about the question": 'what you eat?'.

In this lovingly curated meal plan, we've outlined four weeks' worth of nutrient-dense and delicious meals from our triple-tested recipes which are all right here on Cookidoo®. So, all you have to do is head to our website to request your free eBook, then come straight back here to Cookidoo® to add them to your 'My Week' planning tool. From there, add the recipes to your shopping list and you'll be good to go. Never has eating healthy and delicious food been soooooo easy!

Come take a tour of some of the yumminess we have laid out for you…

Here's a taste of some of the Week 1 recipes

Friday fake-away!

We love our fake-aways! Why? Because you know it'll be delicious, you what's in them, that they'll arrive to your table hot and that they'll be saving you a whole heap of money. This beautiful Curry Laksa is one of our fake-away classics from the Fresh Start 28-day Meal Plan. Mmmm... I mean, why would you not want to eat this?

Curry laksa, please!

Get ahead of your snack game with Sunday Prep

Smoothie bowls

Smoothies are a great way to add even more fresh fruit and vegetables to your day and feature in our Fresh Start 28-Day Meal Plan, too. Read our article for how to make a balanced smoothie and some delicious ingredient combos.

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You'll never get bored with so many different cuisines and flavours

Ready to get started?

Simply head over to our Thermomix® website to request your free copy of the Fresh Start 28-Day Meal Plan, then come back here to Cookidoo® to search the recipes and get cooking! And, if you have any questions, remember your Consultant is there to help.

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