Super smoothies

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are so popular at the moment and it's no wonder, considering how delicious they are and how easy they are to make, especially in your Thermomix®.

Here are some tips on how to make your smoothies and smoothie bowls as nutritious and as delicious as possible.

1. Always add veg

Yes, of course smoothies do exist without veg in them. But, where you can, always adding at least one piece of veg to your smoothie is such an easy way to get extra nutrients in and up your quota for your '5 and 2'.

Vegetables we especially like using in smoothies include (we always cut them into small cubes):

• avocado (frozen or fresh)
• zucchini (frozen or fresh)
• carrot (fresh, steamed or even roasted)
• cucumber (fresh)
• celery (fresh)
• cauliflower (frozen or fresh)
• beetroot (frozen, fresh, steamed or roasted)

Does that really say 'cauliflower'?

I know you may be a little unsure about adding things like cauliflower but trust us when we say you really can't taste it (unless you throw a whole cauliflower head in there of course!). Just add 1-2 florets to your favourite smoothie and it'll be creamy and delicious without even the slightest cauliflower flavour.

Dress it up with sprinkles

Especially important with a smoothie bowl, what makes them even more delicious than what goes into them is what you put on TOP. Go for a combination of textures and flavours to give your smoothie that extra bi of bite.

Be varied

Once you get into smoothis, you'll know doubt have your favourite one or two, but it does pay to be varied in your selection. Firstly, so you don't end up getting bored but also so you're mixing up the varieties of fresh fruit and veg you're consuming on every day. Even if you just swap in a different veg or fruit to your fave one every so often.

Sweeten to taste

As you'll no-doubt by using fresh and/or frozen fruit in your smoothies, you may find they are sweet enough without any additional sweetener. Most of the recipes in our Smoothie Bowl collection include maple syrup as a sweetener. But if you feel it may be too sweet for you, leave it out for the first blend and you can always add it it after tasting. If you think it needs it, just add it in and blend an extra 5-10 seconds.

A smoothie for everyone