Discover a winter of entertaining

Let Thermomix® preserve your entertaining in a way that warms us to our scrolls.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cosy dishes to enjoy during the cold weather.

In fact, there are tonnes of fresh flavour packed into these delectable dishes, from a ribs dripping in barbecue sauce served over creamy polenta to a free-form taco made with cauliflower. Vegetarians can indulge in the creamy mac and cheese, while meat-lovers will go crazy for a decadent beef pie from one of our Thermomix: Creating Something Incredible cookbook. Get yours and start creating something incredible too!

We aren’t just sticking to the savoury options: try a mixed berry clafoutis or a French toast inspired brunch dish and serve it alongside our spiced mulled wine. We are surrounded by a life of new ways, new rules, new living. People have always used food to comfort, show love and through food, entertain and even travel the globe.

So why not create with Thermomix® and enjoy food with friends and family. Whether you’re sharing your cooking experience virtually or in the warmth of a home. Or why not set up space heaters in the backyard. Keep a stack of cosy blankets close, light up your fire pit, and pass around warm mugs of tea. Take an extra minute to set the patio table, bring out the proper cutlery, turn off your phone, light some candles, and listen to the laughter around you.

Entertaining mains

Prep your meals with your Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler this winter

The Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler works beautifully with Slow cook and Sous vide recipes in the TM5 and TM6 by resting on top of the blades and protecting softer ingredients, or sous vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades. Plus, it also effortlessly scrubs and peels your potatoes and other root veggies for you. So, whether you’re slow cooking pulled pork, preparing a gourmet sous vide dish like sous vide kangaroo with rosemary, or whipping up some traditional mash with Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler, it'll be effortlessly perfect every time.

Try using your Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler in your family favourites. Pour the contents out before setting your machine to cook but make sure you follow the rules of the machine.

Good to know for Slow Cook & Sous-vide recipes

  1. Only use the Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler with maximum of 800 g of protein and 500 g liquid.
  2. Use the accesory with Sous-vide and Slow Cook modes, or use below 100°C/reverse/speed 1.
  3. When inserting the Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler, press it down gently onto the mixing knife so that it stays firmly in place. This prevents it from floating up when the mixing bowl only contains liquids.
  4. Evenly distribute the ingredients over the accessory for a uniform heat distribution.

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Entertaining desserts

Let the Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler do its thing, while you do yours!

Cosy creations