Yum cha at home? Yes, please!

Enjoy your favourite yum cha classics in the comfort of your own home with our latest additions to our Around Asia, Yum cha and Asian Essentials collections. From All-in-one chicken congee, to silky smooth Douhua and more, it's all easy with Thermomix® and Cookidoo®.

Douhua: The staple soy bean curd... Simple, savoury and sweet

Preparing Asian cuisine with Thermomix®

Bring out the flavour with High Temperature mode: Enhance the intensity of your dishes with the TM6 High Temperature mode.

Authentic spice mixes: Think those signature flavours like Sichuan peppercorns, five-spice powder, dried chillies… The grinding power of Thermomix® means you can easily create fragrant and fresh seasonings for your Asian recipes.

Perfect your dumplings: Knead your dough, blend your fillings, and finish off by steaming your homemade dumplings in the Varoma. Making delicious dumplings at home has never been easier.

Perfect rice, every time: Prepare this popular side dish with the TM6 Rice mode, not to mention our NEW All-in-one chicken congee.

Yum cha classics

Then, there's the steamed buns...

And just like at Yum Cha, the trolley keeps on coming... Here are the dumplings!

And lastly, something sweet

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