Three cheers to Thermomix®

Twenty years ago, our founder and Managing Director, Grace Mazur, started Thermomix® in Australia. To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our most iconic recipes here. Feed your family and friends with these delicious all time faves. So, to get going, as Grace says Zoom Zoom.

Let’s start with the essentials, shall we?

What’s a birthday without cake?

And with delicious strawberries infused with champagne we can’t look past this to celebrate turning 20. Go on, search cake on Cookidoo® to find your favourite to share.

Get baking!

Chop, knead, steam and modes galore

Simply diplicious

Creating your very own dip has been a long standing tradition with Thermomix®. Birthdays and celebrations everywhere have filled their tables with this delicious dip.

Make this dip!

Apricot chicken risotto

Remember growing up and Mum’s signature dish was Apricot Chicken? Well, this twist is bursting with flavour too and is just one of the many recipes that uses the much-loved stock paste. This is one of the many recipes from Thermomix® including the homemade stock paste.

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Q&A with Grace and Bianca

Jump over to our article for Q&A with the mother-daughter team behind Thermomix® in Australia and New Zealand Grace and Bianca.

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Those faves passed on over and over