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Quicker, so much simpler and just so tasty, explore how cooking with Thermomix® opens up a whole new world of deliciousness, whatever's on the menu.

Cheers to summer

This gem filled cocktail is sure to tickle your fancy. For those virgin cocktail drinkers, too easy, just head to the recipe on Cookidoo® and scroll down to the Tips and Tricks for details.

Take a browse of some of our top picks to a more delicious Christmas and be sure to take a look at our Festive Flavour cookbook, which is full of gems to help get the party started.

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Multitasking made even easier

Read all about why we love our second Bowl, Blade and Lid sets.

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In summer, having a refreshing, light, bright and abundant salad is such a delicious way of nourishing yourself and your family - but they can get a bit samey. Well, not with Thermomix®. Check out these sensational salads to get the juices flowing and search 'salad' in Cookidoo® for heaps more inspiration.

Get into scrumptious salads with Thermomix®

A cake to impress

This Raspberry chiffon cake is so light and fluffy due to the beaten egg whites which are folded into the mixture. Make it even easier by using a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set to whisk your eggs whites (no need to wash up while you go!). Check out the recipe below.

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Maybe it's a more complex dough, a cooking technique you've never tried before or something impressive and "cheffy", Thermomix® brings so many incredible recipes into your home cooking repertoire. Check out these recipes for some inspiration then browse Cookidoo® to see even more of what you and your Thermomix® can do.

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