Multitasking with Thermomix®

Thermomix® has always made multitasking in the kitchen easy. But introducing a second Bowl, Blade and Lid (BBL) set into the mix takes your cooking potential to a whole new level (while considerably reducing the need to wash up!). Sounds great, right? Let's take a closer look at why we love having a second "BBL".

When to use your second Bowl, Blade and Lid set

Oh, the list is endless! Once you have a second set you'd simply never go back. Why? It's simple. It means you:

  1. Wash up less
  2. Move through recipes quicker
  3. Get more recipes done in less time.

Winning, right?!

Think about it: How about proofing your pizza dough in one bowl while you either make a filling or move on with another recipe in your second bowl?

What about melting chocolate for a cake, setting that aside in the bowl moving straight onto the next step without washing up…? (Hallelujah!).

And food prep Sundays (or whatever day you do it): The amount of time saved by simply switching bowls between recipes as opposed to cleaning and drying it each time. Priceless!

This is why we're running a limited time Host Reward where you can save up to $220 on the TM6 Bowl, Blade and Lid set (Introductory Offer), or up to $215 on a TM5 or TM31 Bowl, Blade and Lid set when you host a qualifying Cooking Experience between 1 January - 10 March 2020. Sounds great? Head over to our website to learn more and keep scrolling for lots of recipe inspo.

So, let's celebrate this multitasking deliciousness with a few recipes!

Let the dough proof in the bowl while you mix up the rest

The secret to fluffy whipped egg whites and meringue is a sparkling clean bowl. Having a second bowl, blade and lid set means you can keep one sparkling clean bowl for the eggs and continue with the rest of the recipe in your second bowl. So good! Try out these recipes below.

Whip up your desserts in no time

And of course, it doesn't stop with sweets either. Having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid simplifies the cooking experience with any savoury or sweet meals which require you to "clean and dry the mixing bowl". How wonderful it is to totally skip that step! Here are just a few savoury meals that come straight to mind.

Move seamlessly between steps, without stopping to clean and dry the bowl.