Back to school

It's that time of year again! We've got ideas galore to help you get lunchbox, fridge, freezer and school-bag ready (yep, we're planning their return to school too!).

Lets fill your sandwich

Mid-week meals in a flash

It's not just lunch though, is it? Getting dinner on the table once you're all home is a massive part of the "back to school" puzzle too and Thermomix® makes this so easy! Cookidoo® is full of family-friendly meals ready in 40 minutes or less, like Chicken À La King (where your active prep time is only 15 minutes!). Simply use the 'filter' option on Cookidoo® to search recipes with a total time of 40 minutes or less and then add them to 'My Week' to plan out your weeknight meals.

Make this meal!

Stock your freezer full of goodies for morning and afternoon tea


Going bite-size makes lunch-time even easier and more exciting for our kids. It also means they can eat standing up or scoff before shooting off with friends... which we all know they do, right?! Try these Thai chicken balls - a lunchbox favourite.

Take me to the recipe

Nutty recipes away from the school gates

Prep these freezer-friendly dinners to help with that first week back to school

What about the rest?

Back to school goes further than the kitchen, doesn't it?! We've created a comprehensive check-list for you from the kitchen, to their school bags and into the classroom.

Back to school check-list