Thermomix® to the max

Maximise your use of Thermomix® to save on time - and stress - in the kitchen with "layered cooking". Keep reading to find out more.

How to make the best of your Thermomix® with layered cooking

How much are you using your Varoma and simmering basket to layer up your cooking? If the answer is "all the time!" - then you will love these new recipes to add to your repertoire. If it's "not that much" or "I'd like to more" - then we've got you covered too.

Get started with the recipes and collection highlighted on this page and soon you'll discover just how easy it is to layer up your cooking.

Your Basic Cookbook - which came in the box with your Thermomix® - has a whole guide to layered cooking and steaming functions, highlighting timings for commonly used ingredients.

Got soup in the mixing bowl? Steam some chicken, salmon, eggs or veg in the Varoma at the same time? Making a curry sauce - steam your rice in the simmering basket and add protein to the Varoma. The options are endless!

Reach out to your Consultant for personalised help on how best to maximise your cooking time with Thermomix® layered cooking.

Layered cooking heroes

Layers of benefits

Not only is layering up your Varoma a great way to multi-task to get dinner on the table, only using your Thermomix. It also brings a whole host of further benefits to your home and kitchen.

1. Saves you time
Use your Varoma and simmering basket as your super power with batch cooking and lunchbox prep. Steam chicken, fish, eggs and extra veggies to add to sandwiches, wraps, soups, stews.

2. Less washing up
When you just use Thermomix® to get dinner on the table, it means no other pots and pans piling up in the sink. Pre-clean mode!

3. De-clutter and create
Using Thermomix® to the max means you can say goodbye to up to 20 other appliances in your home. Think of the space you'll create!

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