Sweeten the Deal

Make your backyard barbies even tastier with these sweet treats and desserts designed to enhance that chilled summer vibe.

Some of the simplest and the best

Sweet Stacks

The ideal in DIY desserts, we love these Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake Towers. They're so easy as you can make the elements ahead of time, then everyone simply builds their own towers when it's time to eat. Sweet ricotta cheesecake, chewy rich chocolate ripple cookies and fresh seasonal berries... Dani Valent was flexing her recipe genius muscles when she developed these stacks of deliciousness. Discover the recipe in the link below.

Yes, please!

How about some healthier treats?

Top Tips for the Perfect Ice Cream

Make the creamiest, most delicious ice creams in your Thermomix® this summer with these super simple tips from our Recipe Development Team.

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Frozen Favourites

The secret to entertaining in our mind is smart entertaining. That means making the most of the enjoyment part as well as the host and home-cook-extraordinaire part. An ideal way to do this is to have your sweet ready to serve in the fridge or freezer - and use your smart Thermomix® to make it!

Here are three of our favourites to get your “host-with-the-most” ideas going.

The Great Aussie Bite

One for kids - big and small. Picture a Giant Sandwich then make it fancy with a tangy raspberry sauce, and you’ve got this moreish dessert. Creamy vanilla cheesecake, chocolate biscuit on either side, and a sweet, salty Vegemite® caramel, all coated with dark chocolate. Drizzle over the tangy raspberry coulis just before serving. Find the recipe here.

Lemon Ice Cream Torte

Fresh and abundant over summer, tangy lemons are just so refreshing on a hot summer day. So how about this Lemon Ice Cream Torte for the perfect “afters” to your Summer barbie? Have your Nut Praline baked and ready to break into shards for that little something special and crunchy to enjoy with it. So, it's a simple "pull-it-out-the-freezer-and-dress-it-up-type" job. Who knew something so impressive could be so easy? Try the recipe here.

Kaffir Lime Granita

Light, refreshing and so, so simple, you can whip this Kaffir Lime Granita up in 15 minutes and store in the freezer until you’re ready to serve. For a little something extra-special, add a splash on frozen vodka or gin just before serving. Find the recipe here.

One for the foodies

This sensational dessert - Layered Chocolate Cappuccino Cups - can be made ahead of time, so it's just a matter of frothing the milk and assembling your cappuccino cups once you're ready to serve. Talk about taking that after-dinner coffee to a whole new level!

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