Top Tips for Perfect Ice Cream

Make the creamiest, most delicious ice creams in your Thermomix following these simple tips from our Recipe Development team. You won’t believe how easy it is! Get ready to open up a whole new world of ice cream creativity in your kitchen.

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Don’t rush

Ice cream is one of those things which is best when you've waited for it. Get organised and make your ice cream way before you want to serve it so you can sit back and relax while your Thermomix® and freezer work together to bring you the BEST and creamiest ice cream. If you're wondering what that delicious-looking ice cream is up there, it's the Fig and Walnut Ice Cream. Find the recipe here.

Leave it be

This comes alongside number 1 on not rushing. Don’t be tempted to churn your ice cream before it’s fully frozen for the first or the second churn as we need it fully frozen for the best results. Freeze it in ice cube moulds so it freezes faster and is easy to pop out and churn once it’s nice and hard (rather than trying to cut up frozen ice cream into small pieces).

Fat is your friend

When creamy and delicious ice cream is your end goal, using full fat cream is the way to go, so as tempting as it may be to choose skim or low fat options, your creamy ice cream isn't the time to do it! The fat content helps to avoid crystallization and brings that beautiful creamy result. So, with ice cream - fat is your friend. You can always be portion-wise and treat-wise if you'd like to be.

Do the double churn

Doing the double churn may seem like extra time and effort, but it’s really just an essential part of the process when you want truly creamy ice cream. The second churn (after freezing for the second time) means your Thermomix® can work out any ice crystals from your ice cream and leave you with a smooth and creamy result.

Try non-dairy

There is always room for options, even with ice cream! So, if you're keen to try some non-dairy options then Thermomix® can definitely help you with that. The process for making non-dairy ice creams can be slightly different though, so use our delicious recipes on Cookidoo® as a guide and then get creative with your own combos. There are lots of options for using non-refined sugars and sweeteners as well. Here's the Strawberry Almond Gelato from Sweet Nourish to get you started.

Chunky monkey

If you love an ice cream with lots of chunky bits and treats, it’s so easy to add these in for that professional look and flavour. Just make your base then gently fold through your chunks of choice (using the reverse function on a low speed) after the second churn and freeze. Try this delicious Hokey Pokey Ice Cream with homemade honeycomb sometime soon. Yum, yum! Find the recipe here.

Smooth and swirly

It’s super easy to fancy up a simple ice cream with a delicious swirl-through puree or sauce. Puree up some fresh mango, make a simple fruit coulis or even a caramel or chocolate sauce then (once they’re cool), gently swirl them through your ice cream after the second churn and freeze.

Icy poles, moulds and more

Either freeze your ice cream straight into trays or into moulds to cover in chocolate or serve on a stick. The options are endless!

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