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Your Thermomix makes it so simple to create flavourful sensations, with the click of a button, a twist of a dial and your creative magic. Spice up your mid-week with flavour-packed dishes made from freshly roasted and milled spices.

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Roasting your spices first creates new flavours and aromas that add to your dish, rather than using raw spices. Dry roasting isn’t always necessary, for example, if you’re creating a slow cooked dish, you may not need to roast your spices first as they will soften during the long slow cook process.

Curry in a hurry

Murgh Makhani

Traditionally Butter Chicken is made by marinating chicken in tandoori paste and yoghurt, then grilling in a tandoor oven to get that charred, smoky flavour you love from your local Indian takeaway. We’ve adapted that method at home by using your oven grill so you can still get the same smoky results for that authentic flavour.

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Looking for more authentic Indian recipes? Bring all the Flavours of India to your kitchen with close to 100 tantalising recipes - including aromatic spice blends, popular street food (like Samosas, Vada and Onion Bhaji), familiar favourites (Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan), and authentic dishes.

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