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Classic to funky flavours, full cream to dairy-free, whip up the best-of-the-best in ice creams, gelato, sorbet and more with Thermomix®!

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The perfect mode for ice cream

TM6 Thicken mode

Many ice creams start with a custard base consisting of eggs, milk and sugar. In conventional cooking, this can be the tricky part. But with Thermomix® TM6 modes, it's easy. Use the Thicken mode (80°C) to prepare a seamless custard as the base to your ice cream!

A little bit of custard can go a long way! Try these custard-based ice creams

What's trending...

We're seeing ice cream and frozen desserts take all sorts of delicious turns in food trends. There is literally no end to where you can take your creativity - and, with Thermomix®, every recipe is made easier. From dairy-free, sugar-free and egg-free, to full cream and full sugar options with nostalgic or cultural twists - make it flavourful and worry-free with Thermomix®. Not sure of where to start? Try our Beat the Heat collection for some inspo.

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How to serve the perfect scoop of ice cream

It can seem tricky, but we can share a few tips to help you achieve that perfectly round ball of ice cream. Firstly, take your ice cream out of the freezer about 5 minutes before you plan to serve; next, scoop ice cream off the top, applying only a little pressure so you don't go too deep into your tub; finally, use a wet ice cream scoop dipped in room-temperature water so the ice cream ball will come off the scoop without any fuss. Perfetto!

Dairy-free + egg-free for me, please

Tips for perfecting your ice cream textures

Adding chunks and flavours
For best results, ingredients such as vanilla extract or chocolate should be added directly to the ice cream base, whereas chunky ingredients such as biscuits or nuts should be added immediately before freezing!

Making creamier ice creams
• The more fat (cream), the softer and creamier your ice cream will be
• Liquid sweeteners such as honey, corn syrup or glucose ensure your ice cream has a creamy and stable texture
• A little alcohol such as a fruit liqueur or vodka also contribute to a smoother texture and a tangy taste
• For a softer consistency, freeze your ice cream in a shallow container and cover with food-safe wrap

Refreshing fruit-based sorbets for hot days

For more inspiration, check out all our ice cream recipes!

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