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Guided Cooking
Cook with confidence - select a recipe on Cookidoo®, and your device will tell you what ingredient to add, how much, and what to do with it, presetting the time, temperature, and speed throughout to guarantee success every time. The Basic Cookbook, included with your device, offers 150+ pre-programmed recipes, while a Cookidoo® subscription provides access to thousands of recipes, many with step-by-step videos. Perfect for beginners or experienced home chefs looking to expand their skills!
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Manual Cooking
Explore culinary creativity with Manual Cooking on Thermomix®. Tailor existing recipes or craft your own using the touchscreen to adjust time, temperature, and speed. Ideal for recreating beloved stove-top dishes, Manual Cooking and Modes streamline the process. Consult 'The Basic Cookbook' tables or find guidance in the book under the section 'Guidance on Adapting Your Own Recipes’ on page 30. Plus, discover the world of created recipes on the page below!
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Discover TM6 Modes

Smart cooking made easy with TM6 Modes and Tools
The smart cooking technology within Modes enables your TM6 to automatically combine time, temperature, and speed variables for you. Start a Mode, follow on-screen steps for delicious results — sauté, blend, make yogurt, and much more! For details and tips, tap the (i) icon on the selected Mode screen's top right.

Customise the Modes screen on your device
You can personalise the Modes screen on your device. Just tap the three dots (…) in the top right corner to customise your view, then rearrange the Modes to ensure easy access to your most frequently used ones.
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Pastry Masterclass Series

Learn the basics of making your own pastry and up your crust game!

Our chef Camila Seidel will guide you through everything pastry-related, from creating simple short-crust pastry to more advanced techniques. You’ll be a patisserie master in no time!

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Shortcrust pastry

Pastry wreath

Cinnamon rolls