Personalise your Cookidoo® experience

Learn how to personalise your device settings, set up personalised recipe recommendations, create and import recipes, and adjust portion sizes

Customise your Thermomix® settings

Did you know that you can customise settings on your Thermomix®? Simply go to the settings menu on your TM6 screen and define your preferences:

Sound: Adjust the volume, duration, and melody of your Thermomix®.
Screen: Adjust the brightness of the screen according to your preferences.
Transport mode: Secure the mixing bowl and lid with the locking arms for safe transportation.

Set up personal recipe recommendations

Get set up

As we value your privacy and data security, we can only make personal recommendations if you have consented to the data processing agreement. Here’s how to do this:

Web: 'Open Cookidoo® > Name > Account > Data usage > Optional account consent > Enable Personalise your Cookidoo® experience.
App: 'Open Cookidoo® > Name > More > Data Usage > Optional Account Consent > Enable Personalise Your Cookidoo® Experience'.
Devices: On your Thermomix® TM6 you can change the usage data consent under Settings / Privacy / Data usage. If you are using a Thermomix® TM5 with a Cook-Key, you can change consent under Settings / Privacy / Diagnostics and Usage.

Recommendations just for you

To get personalised recipe recommendations, make sure you’re logged into Cookidoo® then check out the "For You" tab. You’ll need to cook a few things before the recommendations appear, but then you’ll see daily suggestions of delicious recipes. The best bit? The more you cook, the more relevant they’ll be! Click below to read more about these daily recipe recommendations.

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Your end-of-year wrap-up: Cookidoo® Served

The only thing better than sharing a meal around the table is sharing your food milestones with family and friends. That’s why we created Cookidoo® Served, an exciting snapshot of your personal cooking over the past year! Reflect on your Thermomix® journey, discover your most-cooked recipes, and post your personalised stats and infographics to social media to share your achievements. Make sure you’ve updated your consent settings to take part!

Your Thermomix®, your way

Create, import, edit, and share your own recipes
Cookidoo® contains thousands of triple-tested recipes from all over the world, expertly created to suit different tastes and diets. Now we’re taking the Cookidoo® experience to the next level, the best level: your level. Go to “My Recipes” to discover Created recipes: the newest Cookidoo® feature that allows you to create, import, modify, and share recipes from Cookidoo®, your family cookbooks, your favourite chefs, magazines, blogs…anywhere!

Discover Created Recipes

Your table, your way

Adapt the portion size of your recipes

There’s nothing worse than seeing a recipe you’d love to make and then realising it doesn’t make enough to feed your family. Take control of your dining experience with our clever scaling function that lets you tailor your meals to your household size, so you can have it your way, every day.

Discover Scaled Recipes

Try adapting the serving size of these recipes

Video Tutorials: Creating and editing your own recipes