Introducing Created recipes

Create, import and modify your favourite recipes, save them all in one place and cook them with your Thermomix®. My Thermomix®, my way.

Cookidoo® has thousands of triple-tested recipes from all over the world, perfectly suited for different tastes and diets. Now we are taking the Cookidoo® experience to the next level, the best level: your level.

Go to ‘My Recipes’ and discover Created recipes: the newest Cookidoo® feature that allows you to create, import and modify recipes from Cookidoo®, Vorwerk Recipe Community and even your own family recipes. Scroll down to learn more about Created Recipes!

Please note: you cannot and must not upload any recipes or images that do not belong to you as this would be a breach of copyright. By way of example you mustn't upload a recipe you have taken from a third-party cookbook or website, as this would be done without the author’s permission and constitute copyright infringement. Created recipes are not official Vorwerk recipes. Please follow the general safety instructions and carefully monitor the cooking process to avoid injury.


Unleash your creativity

Bring your very own Thermomix® recipe ideas to life. Create your own delicious recipes, save them on Cookidoo® and cook them with Thermomix®.

Tweak it like a boss

A little less sugar? Peaches instead of plums? With Created recipes, import Cookidoo® recipes and modify them according to your preferences.

More recipes, more inspiration

Want to make grandma's apple pie with your Thermomix®? With Created Recipes, you can import from our Recipe Community or add your own family recipes. Save them on Cookidoo® and cook them directly on your TM6.

Tips for Importing Recipes

All your favourites in one place.

No more hunting for loose scraps of paper! With Created recipes, have all your recipes in one place and cook them on your Thermomix® TM6.

TM5 or TM31 user? You’re not left out of the kitchen fun.

With a little help from your smartphone, tablet or notebook, you can also enjoy the convenience of having all your favourite recipes saved in one place, with Created recipes.

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Tips for creating your own recipes

Read our tips and tricks to help you get started with creating and modifying your own recipes. Don't forget to download our Chopping and Steaming tables to help guide your creations.

We only guarantee the success of recipes that have been 100% created and tested by us. As soon as you adjust a recipe, whether manually during the cooking process (e.g. change the quantity, or time), or when adjusting within your own Created recipes, we can no longer guarantee that the result will be successful.

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How can I get started?

Watch our videos on the tutorial space to learn how to use the Created recipes feature like a pro.

Start learning

How many recipes can I create?

With an active subscription, you can create up to 100 recipes. Find answers to all your Created recipes questions on the HelpCenter.

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