Low Carb

Have you heard talk about ‘low carb’ and ‘keto’? They’re both diets which restrict your carbohydrate consumption (keto being the stricter form of the two). We’ve created this page to help answer frequently asked questions, like ‘what are carbs?’ and ‘how many should I be eating in a day?’.

Both diets are trending at the moment, but that’s not to say they’re necessarily healthy for everyone or the best choice. Whichever way of eating works for you, most definitely remains something which is entirely personal to you.

Eating ‘low carb’ is quite simply, a numbers game. We’ve got more info on the numbers and types of foods to include in our article below, A Closer Look at Low Carb. In the meantime, browse this page for delicious low carb meal ideas (no more that 10g carb per serve) for you and the family. The carbohydrate content of each is included in the nutritional breakdown, which really helps when you’re doing your low carb maths.

No matter whether you choose to follow a low carb regime or not, there is definitely room for this deliciousness in your weekly meal plans.

Low Carb Mid Week Meals

All hail the low carb bun!

When we developed these, we honestly couldn’t believe how good they were and still be this low carb. With just over 3g carbs per unit, these are the recipe when it comes to having your low carb burger and eating it too. Want to give them a try?

Yes, please!

Low carb brekkies worth waking up for

What’s the difference?

Read our article, A Closer Look at Low Carb, for what the difference is between keto and low carb and which foods to include in each.

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Add a green salad, some cauliflower rice or zoodles to the side of these for delicious low carb meals

Dress it up

Seasonings, spice rubs and marinades can make so many meals sing and are so easy to whip up in your Thermomix®. Try this Za’atar with grilled chicken, paired with a fresh salad with avocado and mozzarella cheese for a mouth-watering low carb meal.

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