Celebrating the TM6

It’s incredible to think that it’s already been one whole year since we launched the TM6 – nicknamed “honeycomb” whilst in development, due to its amazing high heat ability amongst so many other new and improved features.

In this month’s article, we’re celebrating all the functions, modes and uniqueness of the TM6 to help you make the most of just what it can help you create.

High Heat

The high heat / sugar stages functionality of the TM6 has opened up a whole new world of cooking potential in the savoury and sweet realms. From caramalised onions, to sizzling “stir-fries”, to sugar work and honeycomb – we can now do it all.

High heat heroes

Release your inner chef with Sous vide mode

Ever wondered how restaurants take staples like steak, chicken breast or fruit to whole new levels of deliciousness? A lot of the time, the secret is a precise cooking method called “Sous vide”. Sous vide is a process of vacuum sealing food and gently cooking it in a controlled temperature water bath. It’s very gentle, very precise and is a way of cooking ingredients, such as protein or fruit, to total perfection.

Your Thermomix® TM6 unlocks this otherwise “cheffy” feature and makes it as easy as pressing “next”. Simply follow the recipe steps on Cookidoo®, get on your virtual chef’s hat and you’ll be sitting down to a restaurant-quality meal before you know it.

Sous-vide your way to restaurant quality meals

Thickening mode

Emulsifying has always been easier with Thermomix®, but the Thickening mode with the TM6 has taken “easy” to a whole new level. It’s as simple as pressing “next” and we can transform the simplest of dishes to a gourmet delight with a perfectly balanced sauce. Try these on the side, next time you have some grilled meat, chicken or fish. It doesn’t stop with savoury either, check out the full Thickening with TM6 collection for the sweet selection of custards and curds too.

Getting saucy

Take it slow

When it comes to winter warmers, something sumptuous and slow cooked is pretty hard to beat. Check out the TM6 Slow Cooking collection for recipes worth waiting for.

Take me to the collection

It just keeps getting better

We don’t talk about smart, connected kitchens for nothing. We are lucky enough to have technicians behind the scenes Germany and Switzerland constantly working on how to improve and advance how the TM6 can work with you to create incredible things in the kitchen. And, it just keeps getting better.

With regular updates straight to your machine, new modes and functions are part of the investment. So, what you can do today and what you’ll be able to do tomorrow are very much part of the journey.

The most recent updates brought the new rice cooker and thickening modes to the TM6. Who knows what else our smart, connected appliance will be able to do next!

So what's for dinner?

Use Cookidoo® together with your Thermomix® to create something incredible in your kitchen today.

Get cooking