Your kitchen is your super-power

If you’re looking for ideas of what to do whilst at home, how to involve the whole family and create inexpensive, healthy home-made food while you do it – then your kitchen and your Thermomix® are your super-power.

We’re all in this together. We’re all looking for ways to pass the time whilst enjoying each other’s company and ticking off the to-do list at the same time. This is where cooking as a family really comes into its own as you’ve got to eat, so thinking of ways to involve all members of your household, big and small, in this daily task is a great way to share the load, teach kitchen confidence and skill, and also have fun while you do it.

This page is all about the different ways your kitchen and your Thermomix® are your super-power right now more than ever. We hope you find some inspiration and can’t wait to see what you create.

Let the games begin!

We might as well start with the fun stuff! Call it MasterChef, a cook-off, supper club or whatever other name you come up with. The idea is an in-house cooking competition when members or teams take turns to cook, to be scored out out of 10. The scores remain secret until all teams have cooked. You pick the theme – think Italian, a three-course meal, fine-dining, curries, desserts or anything else … It is entirely up to you and your family.

Let your imaginations go wild and get cooking! Here are some suggestions for chef-quality recipes.

Recipes to impress

Breaking bread

There are a few shortages in the shops at the moment but luckily, you can side-step a lot of them with Thermomix®. Take bread for example, we know yeast is hard to find but you can make bread without it and still fill your house with the beautiful smell of freshly baked bread. Read our article to find out more.

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Do what you wouldn’t normally do

Now’s the time to think outside the square and mix-up your menus. It may be because you can’t get your regular staples, maybe you’re missing those flavours from your mid-week take-away, maybe you have more time on your hands or you’re keen to save a little money – whatever the reason, choose to cook at least one new recipe a week and let this be an opportunity for you to grow in the kitchen. Here are two cookbooks we’re especially loving right now, Simply Delicious for its beautiful and affordable recipes (feed the family with $5 or less) and Eat Well for its healthful approach to plating up. Take a browse through both and flag some recipes to add to your Recipe List in Cookidoo®.

What takes your fancy?

Hours of fun

If you have littler ones to keep entertained, then take a look at our Kids in the Kitchen article for heaps of ideas. In the meantime, how about mixing up a dough or two and getting hands-on with your kids rolling it out and making shapes? It’s so easy to whip up a fool-proof cookie dough in your Thermomix® and create hours of fun. Try this one as a start.

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What we’re cooking at the moment

There is nothing you can't make

Search Cookidoo® today and challenge yourself to a recipe you never thought you could do. Then make it a once-a-week activity, by the time life goes back “to normal”, you’ll have unleashed your inner chef.