Oodles of noodles

Get busy making your favourite noodle dishes in the Thermomix®. From broths, soups, stir-fries, healthy zoodles, salads and sides, spring rolls, and of course our family “fakeaways”, there is something for every noodle lover.

Time for a chow down

The ideal grab n' go food

Feel like something new and light for your work lunches? Ready make a few different noodle dishes and place in containers in the fridge to freshen up your lunchtime menu. Try this Asian chicken noodle salad today.

Yes, please!

More "fakeaway" favourites

Know your noodles

Whether its Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian or from anywhere else in Asia… we love a good Asian noodle chow down. With so many versatile and delicious recipes ready to go with the Thermomix®, the only question is: ‘which noodle and when?’ Read our article on how to choose the best noodle for every dish.

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Become a master of the Asian broth

Is it ever not time for satay?

Homemade satay sauce, sticky sweet tamari dressing and the light softness of vermicelli noodles… When will you be having your satay noodle salad??

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