Charmed by chocolate

Get inspired by new and exciting ways to use chocolate! Made easy with Thermomix®, discover a world of flavoursome treats (some of them are even healthy) to sweeten up your week!

Old school favourites

The history of chocolate.

In 14th century South America the highly coveted cacao bean was considered currency. In the 1500s the Spanish travelled to Mexico in search of gold, but they returned to Europe with cocoa which was only consumed by rulers and nobles. Chocolate remained a nectar of the ruling and wealthy until the early 1800s when a Dutch chemist invented the cocoa press, which revolutionised chocolate-making. In 1847, British chocolate company J.S. Fry & Sons created the first solid edible chocolate bar from cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar.


Perfect pairings

Chocolate is an incredibly diverse flavour that can hero a dish or perfectly compliment a number of sweet and savoury ingredients. Berries and citrus can cut through a rich and creamy dessert. Nuts not only add a nutritional boost, but perfectly complement the robust flavours of cocoa. Mixing sweet and savoury is a faux pas of the past – so try adding a sprinkle of sea salt to liven up a chocolatey treat or start with carrot cake base to bring texture and a new type of sweetness to a family favourite. The possibilities are endless when you explore with Thermomix®, and step-by-step guided cooking makes home-made chocolate surprises, simpler and sooner.

Get a little nutty

What's hiding in here?

Life is like a box of chocolates

Did your momma ever say life is like a box of chocolates? Because you never know what you’re going to get? Forrest Gump’s mother clearly didn’t have a Thermomix on her kitchen counter. The ease of guided cooking on your Thermomix means step-by-step instructions on your touchscreen - with modes, functions, times and temperatures pre-set for your recipe! All at of this is at your fingertips, to create exquisite chocolate treats in no time, every time.

Better than store bought