Cookidoo® is the home of Guided Cooking recipes. With tools such as a weekly meal planner and a handy shopping list, you can organise and personalise your recipe library to suit your needs  – for easy and inspired cooking, every day with your Thermomix®.

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Cook-Key® connects your Thermomix® TM5 with Cookidoo® via WiFi. Send all your favourite Guided Cooking recipes on Cookidoo® directly to the display of your Thermomix® TM5 using your Cook-Key®.

We are still testing, but the Cook-Key® is coming soon.

COOKING WITH THERMOMIX® so easy, every day

Whether you own a Cook-Key® or use Recipe Chips, both will bring delicious recipes straight to your Thermomix®. Cooking with Thermomix® helps you to simplify your life every day. Cookidoo® will support you even further by helping you find cooking inspiration and ideas, create your own recipe playlists and cook your recipes step-by-step using Guided Cooking.


Our Thermomix® recipes are carefully developed and tested to make sure you'll always get the best results. Thanks to the Guided Cooking feature you only need to follow the clear step-by-step instructions to create the perfect dish every time.

DAILY inspiration

Discover a great variety of cooking ideas for every taste, season and occasion! Get regular updates of new recipes and collections. Find inspiration in our weekly recipe suggestions, our team picks, and top-rated recipes. Everything you need to get cooking!


Shop for fresh ingredients and enjoy delicious and healthy meals with your family. Save money with back to basics cooking. Have you ever tried making butter, pizza dough, bread or sauces?

Shopping list TO GO

Food shopping should be fun and quick. Simply add items to your shopping list, or create a list from your weekly planner. View your list on your smart phone or tablet, sort them by supermarket aisle, and cross off items as you go.

Activate your Recipe Chips online

Cooking with Thermomix® is easier and more fun than ever before. Enjoy Guided Cooking with our recipe chips, which bring delicious recipes straight to your Thermomix®. Activate the recipes online in order to have them all in one place for browsing, planning and shopping.

All your recipes in one place ANYWHERE

With Cookidoo® you can browse, plan, shop and gather your recipe library with your favourite Guided Cooking recipes. You can access Cookidoo® from anywhere - whether you browse the site on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. And with Cook-Key®, you can send your personalised recipe playlists directly to your Thermomix® TM5!