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Chop tool 

Take the guesswork out of chopping

You know all those useful times and speeds listed at the back of your Basic Cookbook? Well, now you have them pre-set on your Thermomix®, ready to save you even more time in the kitchen.

The Chop tool is a collection of pre-set time and speed combinations for a defined list of ingredients and amounts and is designed for manual cooking - simply put the ingredients in the mixing bowl and choose the chop size you prefer!

How to use the tool
• Select the ingredient from the available list
• Select the amount and chop size
• Add equally sized pieces to the mixing bowl to ensure a more evenly and uniformly chopped result
• Turn the selector to the indicated speed

It allows you to obtain different chopping sizes without having to guess how to program time and speed on your Thermomix®.

Recipe ideas

Enjoy chopped chocolate for cupcakes, fresh herbs to sprinkle on soup, ground beef for homemade burgers, chopped onions for sautees, and so much more!