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Pre-Clean mode 

There's nothing better than knowing clean-up will be a breeze!

With Pre-Clean mode, simply choose 1 of the 5 programs and your Thermomix® will dissolve even the toughest ingredients from your mixing bowl. This mode pre-cleans your mixing bowl and blades and is super simple to use.

How to use the mode
Pour a maximum of 1 L water into the mixing bowl and a small amount of dishwashing liquid or vinegar, then select 1 of 5 options:
• Quick: for a fast overall clean
• Dough: for raw flour and other raw doughs
• Universal: cleans at a medium temperature, for rice and many other types of food
• Fat or caramel: cleans at a high temperature
• Browning: cleans the base of the mixing bowl at an extra-high temperature (in this case use vinegar)


Pre-Clean mode allows you to easily remove foods with a thicker, stickier consistency like dough, caramel, and browned food at the base of the mixing bowl.

When using Pre-Clean mode, be sure to always insert the measuring cup into the mixing bowl lid.