Cook smarter, not harder.

You and your Thermomix® are the perfect combination to save time, money and waste in the kitchen. The more you use your Thermomix®, the more you’ll save.

Whether it’s time, money or low waste, saving on these key areas in our lives is a fail-safe formula to feeling and living better. Luckily, with Thermomix®, there are so many ways to do it.

Be savvy with your spending

Whether you’re saving up for something special, keen to rack up the savings while usual costs such as daycare, restaurants and weekends away are still off the cards, or choosing to pay more attention to your finances for other reasons, with small changes, you can soon be saving oodles in the kitchen. This page is all about showing you how.

Firstly, why pay top dollar for shop-bought varieties of staples like yoghurt, butter, bread, wraps and muesli when you can easily make them at home? You’ll be saving on any added preservatives and/or additives while you’re at it and these kinds of savings really add up over time. So we say, “don’t buy, make it”. Here are some great recipe examples.

Don't buy it, make it.

Save on waste

When it’s coming to the end of the week, have a look through your crisper and plan meals to use up what’s left. We’re loving this Ukrainian borscht soup at the moment, using the whole fresh seasonal beetroot and the leaves. Soups are an ideal way to mix and match veggies and use up whatever’s on hand. Search more soup recipes with the search bar.

Take me to the Borscht recipe

When you’re cooking, make it count

Time is so precious, so let’s take back some control as to how we spend it. We love how much time cooking with Thermomix® saves us, and we love making the most of this even more by making big batch meals to stock the fridge and freezer and using our Varoma® for multi-level cooking. The way we see it – if we’re using ‘Varoma’ setting or creating steam, we’ll be layering something up!

Here’s our tip for making the most of Varoma®:

  • Whenever you’re cooking a soup, stew or anything else which will be creating steam, use your Varoma® dish and tray to steam some eggs, fish, chicken, meatballs, or any other protein or vegetables while you do it. You’ll find guidelines as to times in the front of your Basic Cookbook. Whatever you layer up may be to go alongside your main meal, be part of the meal prep for a future dish, or to stock the fridge with options for easy lunches.

Some of our favourites with 6 or more serves – feed the family and have some for leftovers too

Regaining control in the kitchen

While cooking with Thermomix® will help you rack up the cash savings, you’ll be saving on packaging and hidden additives and preservatives too. Read our interview with Thermomix® Consultant (nowBusiness Development Manager), Kerri-Ann Spanko, who switched to cooking everything from scratch after she received a series of diagnoses for her son.

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More recipes you can try

Get inspired

Browse all the beautiful recipes in Simply Delicious here and remember to check out the tips in the introduction too if you have the print copy of the book!