Low and Slow

Using low and slow method might not yield the sexiest looking dish but boy the food is melt in your mouth. It quite literally falls apart under its own weight. You’ll be hard pressed to revert back to the conventional method after you give some of these a try.

Explore slow cooking with your Thermomix®

Preparing a meal at home for friends

can be as enjoyable as going out.

We all find entertaining is most fun when under control, and having the meat bob away in the water bath in the Thermomix® gives you the chance to join your guests with the final result being perfectly cooked meat every time. Do not let the rare scare you, keep it in the pan a little longer and get that much lust-after crust.

Take a bath

The magic behind sous vide is constant heat. And these chicken thighs are so hot right now. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, mums, why not hand over the Thermomix® and have your loves make a fuss of you in the coming weeks.

Let's get planning team

Try this vegetarian dish and bring the flavours of Italy to your table. Serve with warm homemade garlic bread made fresh with your Thermomix®.

Yes please