Taste of Malaysia

11 Recipes

Influenced by China, India and Thailand, Malaysian food is spicy, surprising and full of flavour. These popular, authentic dishes are the perfect way to taste the local cuisine.

Soto ayam (Spiced chicken soup)

Sambal goreng (chilli stir-fried vegetables and prawns)

Rendang ayam nogori (Chilli padi chicken rendang)

Ayam golek (coconut roasted spiced chicken)

Ayam masak merah (spicy tomato chicken)

Ayam kapitan chicken

Asam pedas ikan (spicy tamarind fish)

Pulut panggang (grilled rice packets)

Kuih ketayap (crêpes with sweet coconut filling)

Nasi tomato (tomato rice)

Teh tarik (pulled milk tea)