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Whether you love to turn through the pages of your printed cookbooks, or search for recipes when you're on the go using Cookidoo® on your mobile or tablet, you'll always be able to find the inspiration you need to make your favourite (or soon-to-be favourite) recipes. And once you've got your recipe, you can add it to your weekly planner on Cookidoo®, then create your meal with the help of Guided Cooking!

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Whether you already follow a plant-based diet or are just looking to incorporate more meat-free meals into your weekly routine, it's so easy to make vegan and plant-based foods with your Thermomix®. Filled with 120 nourishing and nutritious recipes -- including homemade basics, breakfasts, mains and desserts -- we've made it simple to create healthy meals each day!

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Quick sticks


Filled with quick breakfasts, speedy sides and amazing mains, Meals in a Flash has a recipe for every occasion -- from mid-week meals to impressively easy dinner parties. By combining nutritious ingredients with a little creativity (and a few time-saving tricks), even the busiest cook can now create wholesome meals in no time at all.

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Family favourites

Everyday cooking for Thermomix® families

Filled with some of our most popular recipes - such as Pizza bianca and our Classic lemon tart - as well as new favourites like Salted caramel sauce and Chicken enchiladas, this enticing collection of more than 100 recipes makes it easy to gather the entire family around the table.

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