Your TM5 keeps getting better

They don't call it 'smart kitchen technology' for nothing. Updates and advancements with your Thermomix® are constantly underway.

Thermomix® is literally the first machine of its kind that gets smarter with each update, adding features designed to bring you the latest technology available and we are beyond thrilled to share these brand new TM5 functionalities with you!

They'll be rolling out in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out and, once prompted, simply complete your latest software update (update 2.9) using a Cook-Key to access them.

Haven't got a Cook-Key?

If you haven't yet got your Cook-Key for your TM5, then now is the time! Using Wi-Fi connection and plugging in straight to your Thermomix®, the Cook-Key wirelessly connects right here to Cookidoo®, bringing all these wonderful recipes straight onto your TM5 and unlocking access to new updates, just like this one.

You can bag your Cook-Key at a discounted price by hosting a qualifying cooking experience too. Get in touch with your consultant or via our website to learn more. Exciting!

Now, let's get familiar with three more reasons to love your TM5 - all of which are coming soon!

Cleaning your bowl just got easier

From your next software update (update 2.9), your TM5 will be complete with the incredible Pre-Cleaning Mode. This new Pre-Cleaning Mode, with the same fast-acting functions as the TM6, regulates the pre-clean in line with the dirtiness of your bowl and the stubbornness (or not stubbornness!) of whatever you've been cooking in it. Thermomix® uses smart technology to sense how dirty the bowl is and then heats it accordingly to dissolve even the toughest ingredients. Yessssss!! Simply add 1000 g of water and a drop of washing liquid or 50 g vinegar and Thermomix® will do the rest.

Your favourite mode at your fingertips

We all have our favourite mode or simply the one we use the most. Well, now you can select it as your LongPress Favourite. This new feature allows you to create a shortcut link to your favourite mode that can be accessed by simply 'long-pressing' the mode button, saving you that little extra time.

Lock and leave your Thermomix®

Haha! How many of us have had sticky little fingers 'helping' when we mightn't necessarily want them to? This new One-Touch Instant Lock allows you to lock the screen either when you're not using your Thermomix® or while it's busily cooking away for longer periods. It works just like your smartphone in that you'll be asked to select a PIN when you first set up the mode and that same PIN will be needed before any other functions can be selected. Just for that added extra peace of mind.

These updates will be coming to every TM5 soon, so have your Cook-Key ready and be sure to complete the update when prompted.

Here are some of our latest recipes to try!

Haven't got a Cook-Key yet?

Check out the Cook-Key on TheMix Shop today and remember, you can always unlock discounted prices by hosting a qualifying cooking experience. Click the button to learn more!

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