Tips for creating your own recipes

Please note: you cannot and must not upload any recipes or images that do not belong to you as this would be a breach of copyright. By way of example you mustn't upload a recipe you have taken from a third-party cookbook or website, as this would be done without the author’s permission and constitute copyright infringement. Created recipes are not official Vorwerk recipes. Please follow the general safety instructions and carefully monitor the cooking process to avoid injury.

Familiarise yourself with Thermomix® by cooking recipes from Cookidoo® before attempting to adapt or create your own recipes. As a great starting point, search Cookidoo® for a recipe that has a similar method to the one you want to cook. Use the Thermomix® recipe as a template.

If the quantities of ingredients are significantly different, adjust cooking times. Make sure you don’t exceed the capacity of the mixing bowl (maximum 2.2 litres).

Adapt the method of the Thermomix® recipe to the needs of your recipe. Sometimes two steps in a traditional recipe can be achieved in a single Thermomix® step!

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Organising the preparation steps

Dry to wet: start with tasks that require a clean and dry mixing bowl (e. g. milling sugar, chopping herbs).
Cold to hot: knead dough, whip cream, blend drinks or chop onions before cooking sauces or soups.
All-in-one: often several ingredients can be added at the same time, shortening a recipe.

Also, whenever possible, cook several dishes at the same time using the simmering basket and/or Varoma.

General Tips

• Make milling grains, nuts, bread or sugar and grating cheese the first step. These tasks work best in a clean and dry mixing bowl and little to no cleaning will be required before the next step.
Knead bread, pizza or pasta dough before other tasks. These doughs are usually easy to remove from the bowl, which avoids unnecessary cleaning.
Mix sauces, cake and pancake batters or biscuit doughs in a few seconds on speeds 2 – 5. Note that all ingredients can usually be mixed at once.
Whipping egg whites requires a perfectly clean bowl, so start with this task whenever possible and remember to use the butterfly whisk at a maximum speed 4.
Chop vegetables before sautéing them. Chopping vegetables together with oil can make it easier or sometimes even unnecessary to scrape down the mixing bowl between functions.
Cook or stew at 90 – 100°C to retain as many nutrients as possible. Cooking time depends on ingredients, so refer to a similar Thermomix® recipe for guidance. Use  to stir or mix without chopping.
Cook with milk or cream at 90°C to avoid overboiling. Stir sauces quickly to avoid lumps, on speed 2 – 4.

Cook/steam in the simmering basket or Varoma ingredients such as vegetables, rice, prawns and meatballs. Add liquid to the mixing bowl or cook them at the same time as you cook another dish in the mixing bowl.

Happy cooking!

Tips for Chopping and Steaming

Our Thermomix® cooking tables are a great starting point when creating your own recipes.

Download Cooking Tables