Thermomix® compatibility

1. Easily find which recipes are compatible with your Thermomix®

At the top of each recipe you'll see a label indicating whether the recipe is suitable for the Thermomix® TM31 or Thermomix® TM5. You can click on the label to find out more information.

Please ensure you choose recipes that are compatible with your Thermomix®. When the label is highlighted in orange, it means the recipe is not suitable for the device you've registered on Cookidoo®.

2. Be aware of the different mixing bowl sizes!

Be careful using Thermomix® TM5 recipes in a Thermomix® TM31 as the bowl and Varoma are smaller. If recipes are not adapted correctly, it could be dangerous (e.g. hot liquids splashing)

3. Considerations for Thermomix® TM31 users

If you come across a Thermomix® TM5 recipe that is also compatible with the Thermomix® TM31, please bear in mind the following:

__∙ Select Varoma instead of 120°C __ 120°C is not a valid setting on the Thermomix® TM31, but Varoma will achieve similar results

∙ TM5 closes its lid automatically Ensure you close the lid of your TM31 manually

∙ TM5 sets 'reverse' automatically Ensure you set and cancel 'reverse' manually on the Thermomix® TM31 as this is not automatically changed

4. Take care when cooking from books and magazines

The same rules apply to cooking with recipes from books and magazines. Always ensure you check which Thermomix® model the recipes have been written for.

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