How to get the most out of your appliance

Do you use all four levels of your Thermomix®? If not, you are missing out. Have a look at our Fabulous Flavour on Every Level collection and try out some of the recipes that show the benefits of multi-level cooking with Thermomix®.


Steaming brings out the delicate flavours of fish, that’s well established. But have you tried Duck breasts with orange ginger sauce, Caribbean lamb stew or Goat’s cheese flans? When you do, you’ll find that steaming can deliver a whole range of flavours, from the most subtle to the very bold. Also, steaming over a soup or a sauce means any juices dripping from the food in the Varoma will add flavour and nutrients to what’s cooking in the mixing bowl. Nothing goes to waste.


Once you have tried fluffy steamed couscous, you’ll never be satisfied with the basic cooking instructions on the packet. Especially if you steam it over a flavourful broth. Bread and cake both develop a surprisingly soft and tender crumb when steamed. And steamed lasagne is a creamy, moist alternative to the traditional baked version.

Healthy cooking

The gentle cooking method preserves many of the food’s nutrients and can help you cook with less fat. Steaming is a great way to prepare not only fish and vegetables, but also nutritious grains, meat and fruit.

Time saving

Whenever you cook something that generates steam, whether it’s a soup, a sauce or a stew, you can add ingredients to the simmering basket or Varoma to cook or reheat them at the same time. Cookidoo® has several recipes to cook multiple courses at once, including dessert. Easy to clean up, a steamed dinner will not leave you with burnt pots or grease stains to worry about.


From Chinese dim sum to British sticky toffee puddings, via Polish Stuffed cabbage rolls, Cookidoo® will take you on a trip around the world of regional specialities. Make sure you look at the tips and variations for ideas on how to make these recipes your own. The art of steaming food has been around for centuries, but has never been easier.